Model No. - KH - 04 Hydraulic Fly Ash Brick Machine

Product Description
  • Piston is Hard Chrome.
  • Wiper on cylinder top.
  • Pressing Systems for Maximum compaction and strength.
  • Automatic pressing and demoulding by preset auto timer control.
  • The press is controlled by jeans of PLC.
  • Fly Ash Bricks, made will have shining smooth finish.
  • Safe Working conditions with electrical and mechanical interlock system.
  • Indicative only. Production depends upon the labor efficiency and mix quality.
  • Higher Tonnages, Brick size as per customer specifications. Standard brick size is 230 X 100 X 75 mm.
  • Specifications are subject to change for improvement. Specifications, eights, volume are approximate only.
  • Manufactures may be introduce such alterations as they may deem fit without previous notice. machines can supplied as per.
  • Customer's specific requirements. Machine capacity mentioned is only for guidance. It will vary with materials.

NOTE: Cable, Starters, Hydraulic Oil, will be provided by you at the time of installation of the machine.

General Specification
Maximum Pressure Tonnage 70 Tonnages
Total Power Required 7.5 HP
Oil Tank Capacity 200 Ltr.
Manufacturing Capacity
Bricks Size : 230 X 100 X 75 mm
Fly-Ash Bricks
Bricks Production
: 3 Pcs. in One Operation
: 3500 Pcs. in 8 Hour
Manufacturing Capacity
Bricks Size : 230 X 150 X 75 mm
Fly-Ash Bricks
Bricks Production
: 2 Pcs. in One Operation
: 3000 Pcs. in 8 Hour